Robbing Bill Carter





In the game ‘Robbing Bill Carter‘ you and your friend can be secret agents! You must infiltrate the virtual house of Bill Carter and rob the hidden LP. Meanwhile the other one, who operates from the secret base, supports you. Your friend has blueprints from the house, photos, characteristics, … . In the house you find a lot of information, which can fill the gaps your friend need to solve the puzzle. Talk to each other and find a way to the hidden LP of the jazz musician Bill Carter. But be careful! Motion sensors and locked doors can cause an alarm. Get the LP before the police catch you!



The whole team proofed the mechanic and planned the structure of the house with the help of an analogue prototype. Afterwards everyone get his/her own task. Generally, I was responsible for the code and sound of our game. Furthermore I helped designing the little puzzles in the game.


  • Teammembers: 3
    (Aileen Auerbach, Dario Tausch, Morten Newe)
  • Coaches: –
  • Semester: 4th
  • Topic: Gear VR
  • Time: 3 Weeks
  • Platform: Android – Samsung Gear
  • Engine: Unity 3D